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Gus and Lina Ocamposilva are husband and wife team of sculptors who have obtained enormous respect in U.S.A. Self-taught metal artists, 18 years ago: He aims for the welding torch. She cuts the metal sheets. Some days, vise versa. Together they install metal sculptures around the world and share the same passion for art. Gus Ocamposilva took Murals courses at Massana School of Barcelona and painting procedures at Barcelona University, Spain (1992-1995).


During Spring of 2013 they were invited by the City of New York to exhibit three of their 13ft (Dancers of the Wind) sculptures designed to be placed along the East River Park Promenade in Manhattan. 

Gus and Lina have been awarded several permanent Public Art projects commissioned by different cities and private collectors in cities such as: New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, among others. They also have many Juried Public Art Outdoor  exhibitions throughout the states: Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, California, South Dakota, Colorado, North and South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, New York, Connecticut,  which has given them experience working in public art; becoming the couple of Latin American sculptors with more jute in the American Public Art Market .

Their sculptures are made of strong aluminum, but appear soft and fluid. The bend forms incorporate tubes and exposed bolts. They created their own style with character using bright colors, empty spaces and balance.

Forms appear and pervade on the surface showing poignancy and verb in all their art works that become an abstraction of the figurative forms. They want to show in all their works their passion for live and nature.



Gus-Lina-Dancers-Public-Art (7).gif
Gus-Lina-welding (6).jpg
Gus-Lina-Magic-Rain-Public-Art (1).jpg
Gus-Lina-Butterflies (2).jpg
Gus-Lina-Wings-Public-Art (2).jpg
Gus-Lina-welding (1).jpg
Gus-Lina-Hummingbird-Public_Art (2).jpg
Gus-Lina-Tree-Public-Art (2).jpg
Gus-Lina-Tree-Public-Art (1).jpg
Gus-Lina-Tulip-Public-Art (1).jpg


Permanent Public and Private Monumental Art Commissions

*2024: “Playground Shade Structure” H:13’xW:13’xD:13’.  Dorothy Height Elementary School. Washington DC. Installation Summer 2024.

*2024: “Caribbean Garden” Sculpture H:10’xW:15’xD:15’. Sunrise FL, Installation installation Summer 2024.

*2023: “Winners Way” Sculpture H:15’xW:11’xD:8’ Oldsmar Sports Complex. Oldsmar, FL.

*2023: “Sea Pearl” Sculpture H:10’xW:4’x4’. Miami, FL. 

*2022: “Six Wall sculptures” 14’x14’ each. Sports Event Center. Gainesville, FL.

*2022: “Sailing” Sculpture:  H:10’xW:5’xD:5’, Commissioned by City of Cape Coral, FL.

*2022: “Taking Off”  Sculpture: H:9’xW:6”’xD:5’ Commissioned by Town of Hilton Head Island, SC.


*2021: “Queen of the Arts”  Sculpture: H:15’xW:12’xD:3’.  Las Vegas, NE.


*2021: “Spreading The Knowledge” Wall sculpture: H:6’x W: 64’x D:1’ GulfGate Public Library, Sarasota, FL.

*2021: “Laura’s Flower” Sculpture: H:20’x12’x12’. Commissioned by the City of Jacksonville, FL.

*2021: “Unstoppable” Sculpture H:15’xW:10’xD:20”. Downtown, Augusta, GA.

*2020:”Heart of the Community” Sculpture: H:8’xW:80”xD:15”Commissioned by City of Safety Harbor, FL. 

*2019: ”Orchid” Sculpture: H:10’xW:6’xD:6’ Jupiter FL.

*2019: “Reaching for Knowledge” Sculpture: H:20’xW:8’xD:8’. St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, FL.

*2018: “Arabesque” Sculpture: H:12’xW:15”xD:80”. Ocala, FL.

*2018: “Without Limits” Sculpture: H:15’xW:75”xD:20”. Broadway Armory Park. Chicago, IL.

*2018: “Dancing in the Rain” Sculpture: H:20’xW:80”xD:24”. Greeley, CO.


*2016: “Reaching the Limits ” Sculpture: H:15’xW:75”xD:20” Orlando, FL.

*2015: “Reaching to the Sky” Sculpture: H:14’xW:80”xd:15” Fort Myers, FL.

*2014: ”Blooming” Sculpture: H:12.5’xW:8’xD:8’ Intermodal Transportation Facility. Deland, FL.

*2014: “Sunset” Sculpture: H:84"x W:120"x D:20". Jupiter, FL.


*2014: “Dolphins Game” Sculpture: H:10’xW:5’xD:5’.Jupiter, FL.

*2013: “Dancers of the Wind” Three sculptures: H:12’xW:80”xD:15” Manhattan. N.Y.

*2012: “Wings” Sculpture: H:15”xW:7”xD:6”. King's Terrace complex. Miami, FL.


*2012: "Sunset" Sculpture: H:84"x W:120"x D:20" Sims Lake Park Suwanee, GA.

*2012: "Hummingbird" Sculpture: W:70"x H:80"x D:61" City of Mount Dora, FL.

*2011: "Dance of the Wind" Sculpture: H:112"xW:65"xD:28". Tarpon  Springs, FL.

*2010: “Blue Gold” Wall Sculpture: H:5.5ft xW:110ft Wastewater Treatment Facility. Dunedin, FL.


*2010: "Dance of the wind" Sculpture: H:112xW:65xD:28 . Tampa FL.

*2009: “Artistic treatment to end panels on stacks of bookshelves throughout the complex, Deltona Public Library” Volusia County. FL.

*2008:  Mr. Blues  -  I got rhythm Banners: 19" x 48" Clearwater Jazz Festival.

*2008:  "Dreamers" Mural: 25'x 18' Gardnerville Community Center. Tampa, FL.

*2008:  "Anti Gang" Mural: W:30'x H:12' Town and County Recreation Center Tampa, FL.


*2008:  "Latin Romance" Banner: 30" x 100"  Westshore Expose Banner Program. Tampa, FL.

*2006:  "Deep Roots" Mural: W:40ft x H:8ft. Atlanta, GA.

*1998:  "Honor to Pablo Neruda" Mural: W:26ft x H:10ft. Colombia.

Juried Sculpture Exhibitions


*2024: “Dolphins Game '' Sculpture: H:9’x5’x5’ MCC Art Scape. Miramar, FL.

*2023: “Sunrise” Sculpture: H:95”xW113”xD:24”.Fayetteville, NC.

*2023: “Twin Souls” Sculpture:  H:11’xw:5’xD:28” Developed by the Museum of Art DeLand. DeLand, FL .

*2023: “Without Limits” Sculpture H:15’x W:75” x D:20”. Augusta, GA.

*2022: “Tree” Sculpture: H:10’x W: 50”x D:50”. Alpharetta, GA.

*2022: “Mr. Rings” Sculpture:  H:18’xW:5’xD:5’. Suwannee, GA. 

*2022: “Three Musketeers” Sculpture: H:13.5 x W::12.5’x D: 6’. Ocala, FL.


*2020: “Tree” Sculpture: H:10’x W: 50”x D:50”. Coral Springs, FL.

*2018: “Chicago” Sculpture:  H:14’xW:10’xD:20”. Chicago, IL.

*2018: “Go Cubs” Sculpture:  H:14’xW:7’xD:20”. Chicago, IL.

*2018: “Arabesque” Sculpture: H:12’xW:15”xD:80”. Ocala, FL.

*2018: “Saturn” Sculpture: H:80" x W:56"x D:27". Museum of Art DeLand, FL.

*2017: “Moon Tower” SPACES Sculpture Trail. Huntsville, AL.

*2017: “Dancing in the Wind 1” Sculpture: H:12’xW:15”xD:80”. Clearwater, FL.

*2017: “Twin Souls” SPACES Sculpture Trail. Madison, AL.

*2017: “Sunset” SPACES Sculpture Trail. Madison, AL.

*2017: “Magic Rain” Sculpture:  H:34"xW:134'xd:18". Orlando, FL.

*2017: “Dancer in the wind” Sculpture: H:12’xw:15”xd:80” Clearwater, FL.


*2016:  “Sunrise” Sculpture:  H:84"x W:120"x D:20" . Stamford, CT.

*2016  “Dancers” Sculptures: H:12’xW:15”xD:80” Gulfport , MS.

*2016: “Reaching the Limits ” Sculpture: H:15’xW:75”xD:20” Orlando, FL.

*2016: “Without Limits” Sculpture: H:15’xW:75”xD:20”. Chicago, IL.

*2016: “Magic Rain” Sculpture: H:134'xW:34"XD:18". Stamford, CT.

*2015: 'Moon Tower” Sculpture: H:12’xW:6’xD:6’. Chicago, IL.

*2015: “Without limits” Sculpture: H:15’xW:75”xD:20” Ocala, FL.

*2015: "Sunset" Sculpture: H:84"x W:120"x D:20" Ocala, FL.

*2015: “Under the Rain” Sculpture: H:34"xW:134'xD:18" Kingsport ,TN.

*2014: “Twin Souls” Sculpture: H:11’xW:5’xD:28”. Chicago, IL.

*2014: “Dancers of the Wind” Sculptures: H:12’xW:15”xD:80”  Polk Museum of Art. Lakeland, FL.

*2014: "Tulip" Sculpture H:10' x W:70" x D:70" Yonkers, NY.

*2014: "Saturn" Sculpture: H:80" x W:56"x D:27". Yonkers, NY.

*2013: “Dancers of the wind” Three sculptures: H:12’xW:15”xD:80” Manhattan. N.Y.

*2013: “Tree” sculpture:H:120”xW:50”xD:50” Museum of Art. Deland, FL.

*2013: “Sunset“ Sculpture: H:84"x W:120"x D:20" Kingsport, TN.

*2013: “Without Limits” Sculpture H:15’xW:75”xD:20” El Paseo Ave. Palm Desert, CA.

*2012: “Tulip” Sculpture H:10’xW:55”xD:55” Downtown Clearwater, FL.


*2012: “Tree” Sculpture:H:120”xW:50”xD:50”. City Hall, Safety Harbor, FL.

*2011: "Blooming" Sculpture: H:120"x W:53"x D:10". Denver, CO.

*2011: “Magic Rain” Sculpture: H:134'xW:34"XD:18" Suwanee, GA.

*2011: “Saturn” Sculpture H:80“ x W:56“xD:27“  Columbus, GA.


*2011: “Hummingbird” Sculpture: H:91"xW:70"XD:61" Boynton Beach, FL.

*2010: "Dance of the wind" Sculpture: H:112xW:65xD:28.Tampa, FL.

*2010: “Nest”-Sculpture: H:28 xW:17'xD:17 -Avera Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD.

*2010: ”Dolphins Game” Sculpture: H:9’x5’x5’ Lakewood Park Public Library, Fort Pierce, FL.

*2009: “Sunrise”-Sculpture: H:120' xW:80"xD:20" -Ferran Park, Eustis, FL.


*2009: “Gods of the Rain” Sculpture: H:69"XW:39"XD:39"  Boynton Beach, FL.

*2009: "Without Limits" Sculpture: H:23" x W:23"  x D:4" Sioux Falls Cancer Center.  SD.

*2009:  "Reaching El Dorado" Sculpture: H:80"XW:30"xD:20"  Kissimmee, FL.

*2008:  "Without Limits" Sculpture: H:23" x W:23"  x D:4" Sioux Falls ,SD.

*2008: "Last chance"  Sculpture: H:78"xW:30"xd:18" Grounds for Art, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

*2008: "Flight of the Butterflies" Sculpture: H:46"  x W:41" x D:6"  Sioux Falls, SD.

*2007:  "Spirits of the Chicamocha"  Sculpture: H:46xW:41xD:6  Tampa ,FL.

*2007: " Reaching El Dorado"  Sculpture: H:80"XW:30"xD:20"  Sioux Falls, SD.

Gus-Lina-Chicago-Public-Art (1).jpg
Gus-Lina-welding (2).jpg
Gus-Lina-welding (3).jpg
Gus-Lina-welding (7).jpg
Gus-Lina-Public-Art (1).jpg
Gus-Lina-Wings-Public-Art (3).jpg
Gus-Lina-welding (8).jpg
Gus-Lina-Saturn-Public-Art (2).jpg
Gus-Lina-Tree-Public-Art (3).gif

Gus Lina  Art - Metal Art

Colorful Metal Sculptures inspired by nature and the human forms. Public Art, Tabletop Light Sculptures, Outdoor Sculptures, Metal Sculptures, Paintings, Mixed media, One of a kind.

Gus and Lina Ocamposilva

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